The Ottoman Lieutenant

IMDb 6.8 106 min
Drama, War
Ben Kingsley, Josh Hartnett, Michiel Huisman, Hera Hilmar, Haluk Bilginer, Affif Ben Badra, Paul Barrett, Jessica Turner
Joseph Ruben
United States
6.9 / 202 times
In 1914, in Philadelphia, the wealthy and idealistic nurse Lillie Rowe learns in a lecture by Dr. Jude that there is an American medical mission founded by Dr. Garrett Woodruff in the countryside of the Ottoman Empire that needs donation. She decides to donate and deliver herself the truck that belonged to her deceased brother and medical supplies using her heritage. On the arrival, she stumbles upon the Ottoman Lieutenant Ismail Veli that helps her to visit a mosque. Lillie is forced by the government to be escorted by Lieutenant Ismail to drive to the mission and he is assigned to spy the local Armenians. Lillie works in the hospital and falls in love with Ismail while Jude suffers from unrequited love. Meanwhile the World War I begins and the mission is in the middle of the Ottoman Empire where the Russians are coming.